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You have the resources to reach your potential

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 9 of 10 Be Resourceful

Use what you have
to do what you are
not currently doing.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You have everything
at your disposal
to reach your potential.

Note from Ter Scott:

It’s interesting that in my note to you in the previous “wisdom gem” I shared how you’ll go through a “maze” to find your desires and dreams. Here it is revealed that you may at times need to be resourceful. God gave you an awesome mind and you are also “plugged in” to the Universe of knowledge and can access it at any time. The great inventor, Edison said, “Ideas come from space”, and this is exactly right. When you have a situation the answer is all around you and the idea which will save you can come from “space”; you can literally reach out and grab it!

When you feel that “all hope is gone”, you are right and you may as well give up because you have sealed your fate. However when you say, “There is still a chance” then you are right and there still is a chance and you may very well find it!

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