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How to eat whatever you want.

Whatever you eat,
do so with gratitude and
balance in mind.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Enjoy your food.

Photographs and Memories

Circle a date on your calendar
To get together for a family photograph.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. And love one another.

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Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach

Which voices are you listening to?

One voice can tell you something;
another voice something else.
It’s your duty to search the truth.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You don’t need the “media”

To be able to know what is truth.

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Let Money Come to You

You are not attracting money
Because you are chasing it.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Simply state the amount you need,
and believe that it will find you.

You and your dreams are important; treat them that way.

Life matters.

Where are you now?
Where do you want to go?
What do you want to do, be and have?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Make it a commitment to get it.

Are you listening?

Really listen 
to what others are saying
Instead of what you want to say 
(or think) next.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Listen to understand.

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Every day is Thanks Giving.

Never be too busy
To be grateful.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Go out of your way

to show your thanks; everyday.

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You can never have too much, if...

Don’t worry about getting too much for yourself
as long as you intend to do good
for others with all that you get!
A.K. Cosmos

PS. It’s always OK
to do more to be more

and have more.

Do what you "have" to do and doors will be opened to you.

When something is doable,
You have to do it.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. When you have purpose
 your path will be made for you.

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Do you have "book smarts"; but not "street smarts", or wisdom to know?

Having knowledge
doesn’t make you knowledge “able”;
wisdom does.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Seek wisdom

and your knowledge will live.

Enthusiasm will help your attract what you want faster.

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 10 of 10 Enthusiasm

The secret to attracting abundance around you
is to let your enthusiasm surround you.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Inspire others with your enthusiasm
and your world will become more attractive.

Note from Ter Scott:

Maybe I’ve saved the best for the last. This is very powerful: When you are enthused you are inspired; like you are possessed by a god. It is that powerful! Enthusiasm is contagious but it shouldn’t be “faked”. I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t sing “rally songs”, state affirmations out loud with emphasis and listen to the theme from Rocky movies but always live your passion and what you believe in and your enthusiasm will be real. Also be aware that when communicating with others; and your body language alone does a lot of talking, be sure to “mirror” the other person. An over exuberance on your part may come across as being the “salesy” person type so always be a mirror image (on the outside) of the other person and maintain your enthusiasm on the inside. If the person has a quiet demeanor and speaks slowly, “copy” that same temperament and your enthusiasm will still shine through!

Today's "wisdom gem" was the last in a series of 10 which will be published soon as a compilation and made available at Amazon soon. The material contains this and the previous nine published earlier on this site with much more "helps" in acquiring more from each. The title to watch for is: How to Magnetize Abundance (in just 10 Days!) Ten Days and 10 Ways to Magnetize What You Want. 

You have the resources to reach your potential

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 9 of 10 Be Resourceful

Use what you have
to do what you are
not currently doing.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You have everything
at your disposal
to reach your potential.

Note from Ter Scott:

It’s interesting that in my note to you in the previous “wisdom gem” I shared how you’ll go through a “maze” to find your desires and dreams. Here it is revealed that you may at times need to be resourceful. God gave you an awesome mind and you are also “plugged in” to the Universe of knowledge and can access it at any time. The great inventor, Edison said, “Ideas come from space”, and this is exactly right. When you have a situation the answer is all around you and the idea which will save you can come from “space”; you can literally reach out and grab it!

When you feel that “all hope is gone”, you are right and you may as well give up because you have sealed your fate. However when you say, “There is still a chance” then you are right and there still is a chance and you may very well find it!

Do you have the habit of visualizing?

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 8 of 10

Dear reader, congrats! This is the 8th in a series of 10 “wisdom gems” which will soon be published in book form and made available for sale at Amazon and other places. Would you like a free copy? If so, simply go back to any of the previous 7 “wisdom gems” and write in the comments how you’ve used it in your life and any results or comments you can share about it. If we publish your comments in the book, we’ll email you a free book!

to realize.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Project what you want in life
on the screen of your inner mind
and it will soon be
in your outer world.

Note from Ter Scott:

There are a certain amount of things which will come to you seemingly without any effort on your part other than “picturing” things in your mind, seeing them on “vision boards” etc. However, what usually happens is reviewing your “dreams” frequently minimally when you rise and just before you rest, is that you will become keener in seeing the doors which open and the navigation signs which direct you through the maze of obstacles to get you to your desires. Your effort will be to “accept” and simply go with the flow and have “fun” with it. Then when you receive be sure to be grateful and always share. 

Step out in Faith and Find new Wealth and Prosperity

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 7 of 10: Express your Faith

Walking in belief
will get you more
of what you already have.
Stepping out in faith
gets you more of
what there is to get.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Step out and the ledge will be provided.

Note from Ter Scott:

List a few things that you know that you know are “real” for you, things that you “believe” it to be true. These are things that you are sure of and you know that regardless of what you do these facts and things will remain.

When you step out in faith, you can always come back to what you know but what you “know” after stepping out in faith will expand and you’ll be better for the experience in so many ways. Someone who has gone through bankruptcy is no longer afraid because he or she has been there and can then move forward and succeed where another may never succeed because they fear failure and bankruptcy. I was literally “petrified” and didn’t want to donate blood when I was in college; I hated needles, and I hated pain but I loved others more than my inconvenience so I left my dorm and gave blood and guess what; I didn’t really feel any pain. I’ve now donated probably hundreds of times since then and sometimes there is minor discomfort but I stepped out in faith, did my first donation and now I’m stronger for it and there is absolutely no fear.

Think of times when you’ve stepped out in faith in the past and use those experiences to have the courage to step out in faith to achieve greater things in your life! 

Create a Beautiful World

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 6 of 10: Create a Beautiful World

Create something which
will beautify the world
and you’ll attract
abundance to yourself.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Everything is beautiful;
in its own way.

Note from Ter Scott:
It is very interesting that this morning before sitting down with the Cosmos to bring this wisdom gem to you that I was singing the Ray Stevens song, Everything is Beautiful” without knowing that the list of 10 things* that I’m adapting these 10 ways had to do with “Beauty”. Nothing my friend is “accidental”.

Today when you are going about your activities, stop to ask yourself, what is beautiful about this? How can I make this more beautiful? What is beautiful about this person and how can what this person, thing or a place have that is beautiful that can be translated to something else to beautify it? Walk down an aisle in a stationary store and pick something up and study it and note the beautiful design on the cover of a notebook and later walk down the aisle in a hardware store and see how you can transfer this beauty to the handles of tools to make them more attractive and less drab and later you see how the same or similar idea can be added to cellphone covers, T-shirts, murals on buildings and more. Or you can do something to encourage others to have and share and promote a “beautiful” spirit in all that they do to make this world a more beautiful place!

*At the end of this material I will share a source where I found a list of 10 Ways to Magnetize Wealth and how I used these 10 and adapt them for my readers to magnetize the Major 8, or 10 Ways to Magnetize Abundance; because when you have the Major 8, you have abundance. 

It is not selfish to think abundance.

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 5 of 10: "Think Abundance"; for others. 

Find ways to give the world abundance
And you’ll receive abundance.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Find and fill a basic human need
And you’ll find truly find abundance indeed.

Note from Ter Scott:
With tomorrow’s wisdom gem you will be half way through your 10 day adventure. How are things going? Are you seeing results? Are you “looking” for results? Has anything happened which indicates or confirms positive progress? I believe that you will see things on your path to potential when you look for them and as you repeat this 10 day adventure you will become keener to recognizing things. Also, a note about the last gem from the Cosmos; I purposely left you to your own thoughts with the wisdom gem from A.K. Cosmos in day 4 so you could come up with your own “assignment”. How did you do?

Here is today’s assignment. Write down 5 basic human needs along with 5 ways to fulfill each of those 5; you can do more if you’d like. This will arouse your “Abundance Magnetism” because you will be giving something worthwhile to the world. Then before you go to sleep tonight ask your subconscious to give ideas on how to fulfill one or more of these ways that you’ve listed and to have you remember them when you wake. Have a notebook or smartphone by your bed to record your notes as they come to you (before they dissolve into the ethers for someone else to use and become prosperous). 

Speak in Faith

It is good to speak your situation
with others; but be sure to always speak
in terms of what you want; not how it is.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Speak as "victor"not as "victim".

You are the Therapy the World has been Waiting for.

Release healing
in a hurting world.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You’ll know the words
that touch when needed.

Hurt someone; hate someone or, help someone... or heal.

We are all holding hands
whether we can visibly see this or not.

We cannot hurt, hate or help one person
without hurting, hating or helping
everyone in the circle.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Stand together in the “circle of love”.

You talkin' to me?

Are you continuing a conversation with others
when you should have concluded it
with talking to yourself?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Get quiet; get answers.

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Your Future is Created Moment by Moment

When you leave your comments as to how the “daily wisdom gem” helped you and/or the results of doing the daily “assignment” in each of the 10 days (click on the links provided) you will get access to 4 weeks of your questions answered (one per week via email) by Life and Legacy Coach, Ter Scott! DETAILS will be given at the end of these ten days.

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 4 of 10:
Take a Moment to Create Your Future

Release your infinite
and limitless future vision
with all its potential
for abundance.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Visualize your future
and create a “bridge”
of tasks and goals to get there.

Note from Ter Scott:

Today is day four of ten; how is it going for you? Are you doing the “assignments” those I’ve shared or what you’ve created for yourself? Are you seeing results? Four days is not really “long” in the grand scheme of things but when you “look” you will see some small changes or confirmations. Have you shared this with your friends who are “seekers”; those who want to do more, be more and get more from life? If not, we’ve got those awesome “share” buttons below! And be sure to leave your comments below. This material is “evergreen” meaning that readers will return here in years to come and be helped by your words!

10 Ways to Magnetize What You Want by A.K. Cosmos and Ter Scott!

Hello! This is Ter Scott and A.K. Cosmos and the readers are participating in a 10-day adventure: 

10 Ways to Magnetize What You Want. 

This isn’t just about one or two things but the entire approach to “Abundance Living”. Check out one day or all ten. Then leave your comments and success stories in the comment area. We may even use them in the book when it is published! Visit here for more details.

Dare to step out in faith and move your “mountain”.

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 3 of 10: 
Put feet to your dreams. 

Dare to dream big with a desire
to achieve something great.
This will magnetize your mind
with “Abundance Power”.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Put action to your beliefs;
step out in faith.
What will you do
when you know you cannot fail?

Note from Ter Scott:
Think for just a moment of the one thing you’ve really wanted to do in life. It shouldn’t not take more than a moment because it’s something that is always on your mind but you keep putting it off because it’s “nonsense”, a “dream”, will “never happen” etc. That very thing that keeps coming to mind IS your purpose (or will lead to it).

Set aside some time today with a pen and paper and write down a few “great” things you want to do, be and have. Choose from this your biggest “I M possible” goal, thing or “purpose” with a few steps you need to put in place to make it happen. This is usually something that you will not achieve in these next 24 hours or even in our 10 days of meeting with me and A.K. Cosmos but you will at least put things in place and you should see something positive today which will confirm that you are moving in the right direction. Then recognize this and “keep your dream moving”! 

When you “see” something, what do you “think”?

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 2 of 10: 
When you see a bird, think of a plane. 

Make your mind
an abundance magnet
by releasing your creativity.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. “Invent” something today.

Note from Ter Scott:

Carry a notebook or 3 x 5 card with you today and ask questions everywhere you go and later write the answer(s) as it comes to you. When you are grocery shopping, for instance, use the question “what if” while you walk from one aisle to another. Use the “what if” question a lot. Another question I use I learned from Jack Canfield, “What is the opportunity?” “Invent” song lyrics, art, recipes, shortcuts, etc. Enjoy your day. And then just before going to sleep tonight ask to be shown ideas for inventions, art, and other things while you sleep and also to remember them when you awake. 

How do you "do good" today and from here on?

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 1 of 10:

Desire to do good for the world
and help others.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Don’t just “desire”; do.

Note from Ter Scott:
Make a list of 10 ways that you can “do good for the world” or you own “corner” of the world today or this week and check them off as you do them. (Or come up with your own “action” assignment).

10 Ways to Magnetize What you Want in Life

Congratulations reader! You are in for a treat. A.K. Cosmos is hosting a series of 10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; anything that you want from the list of the Major 8! Today will be the first of ten. (If you stop by infrequently, you may want to “follow by email” somewhere on this page so you won’t miss any of them).

If you don’t know what the Major 8™ is or need a quick review, then I will share them with you now. These are the eight things that most people seek as the main desires in their lives. Over the years I have modified and shared them; every desire by most people can be found somewhere within these eight.  

The desire for perfect health, enjoyment of food, restful sleep, money, life and legacy, sexual gratification, the well-being of loved ones, and the feeling of importance and respect. 10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8 can be the equivalent of a mini-seminar or workshop series just for you when you visit here every day and work on each as A.K. Cosmos shares a new “assignment” daily! (To learn more about the Major 8 and how to use them to “attain” be sure to check out this blog).

HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM 10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8:

When you get your “daily dose of the Cosmos” I also encourage you to not only read it and run along to do your day but to take some time to contemplate it and even write it down and look at it for several times throughout your day. Sometimes these words may provoke you to create a checklist to track your progress during the day or to create an “assignment” for yourself. You may even want to write them in a notebook and add your own thoughts and inspirational notes to review later. Let this be a real learning adventure for you and this plus the next nine days will be a real life changer for you. Feel free to share this post and others in your social media using the buttons shown below and we would love to see how you adapt each gem of wisdom in your daily life in the comments section.

Ter Scott!
Creator of the Major 8 ™
For a private consultation or information about speaking programs, please contact Ter Scott here.

PS. This adventure will soon be a book published by this author and those who leave comments as to how one particular daily gem of the 10 or how the entire 10 day process was helpful will receive a free book and their “success story” may even be included in the book, so be sure to leave those comments! (And be sure to check back to see how to contact the author if we select your comments for the book).

Cancel, Cancel

Forgive yourself and then you’ll know
how to forgive others.

A.K. Cosmos

P.S. You need to be strong
to say you’re sorry, and
even stronger to forgive;


All you need is love.

Balance your life with love.

A.K. Cosmos

P.S. Love, love; love.

Heart Speak

Lead others from your heart to theirs.

A.K. Cosmos

P.S. Lead from your heart; but lead. 

Money, money; come to me now.

You don’t want a job;
you want what a job will give you.
You don’t want money;
you want what money will give you.

Sometimes you can bypass the job and money
and go right to what it is that you want.

A.K. Cosmos

P.S. Go for what you want!

Are you thinking that you have more money than you'll need?

Your income is the outcome
of your inner thoughts that you have
for your outer reality.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Think that you’ll have more
to spare and share.

Thanks for sharing this post/link on your site and blog.

You can not determine the price of greatness...

You and everything about you
is worth more than you think.

A.K. Cosmos

P.S. Live like the “more” that you have.

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