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Each thought creates another thought; are yours positive?

Note and be aware
of your present thought.
It is creating your future thoughts.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You needn’t beware; only

Be aware.

How to make it a great day.

Love yourself;
love your day.

A.K. Cosmos
PS. It’s going to

be a great day!

Would you mind?


A.K. Cosmos
PS. Your mindset is
the doorway to your success;


Harmony is yours

There is no condemnation
or resentment in you,
for you or round about you.

A.K. Cosmos
PS. Divine love and harmony

now reign supreme in your world.

Love to learn

Always do what you love
so you always love
learning about it.

A.K. Cosmos
PS. Keep learning;

keep growing.

How to make it a great day

Appreciate your pillow
as your drift off to sleep
and you will awake
appreciating the new day.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Make it a great day!

Love, love; love!

Love yourself more
and you will love everyone
(and everything) more.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Love is the answer.

Change your Feelings and Change how You Feel

Sick in health,
finances or other?

Feeling better is
the one step 
to getting better.

A.K. Cosmos.

PS. Accept ways to feel better.

Improve Your Attainment IQ

Your Attainment IQ
is not a fixed number;
it can be improved.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. 1 + 1 really can

be 3 (and more).

Pennies from Heaven?

If you want more
copper cents,
You need more
common sense.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Pick up pennies;

they become dollars.

Do you need a kick in your "but"?

Educate yourself
and take inspired action.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Action is part of attraction.

What have you been up to lately?

Thoughts create things;
What have you
been creating lately?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Keep a journal.

Pray yourself first.

Pay and pray
becomes pray and pay.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Bless for the best.

Always focus and say "what you want"

Good, bad; either way,
You get what you say.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. I’m a poet and I know it!

One sentence course in self-esteem...

Do not beat up;
Build up.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. This goes for you

and others.

Ask for guidance and expect.

Everything is
not only possible;
It’s actual.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. What you want
is already here;
simply match its vibration.

Match your vibration.

Tell me how good it is,
and it will be.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. It just keeps getting
gooder, and gooder!

Are you one of the “haves” or the “have nots”?

You don’t have because
You don’t have; and you
“know” you don’t have.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. All is not lost.

You already know the answer.


A.K. Cosmos.

PS. Now.

Invest time to do this today.


A.K. Cosmos

PS. Good things come 
to those who think.

Change your Climate

Your world changes
as you change.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Got change?

Today is YOUR day.

Expect a miracle;

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Why are you looking?

Don't miss this!

When you dismiss,
You miss.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. What is the opportunity?

What’s your weather report?

Sun always shines,
Clouds sometimes rain.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Move.

Still being the victim? Read this.

Whine or Win?

A.K. Cosmos
PS. Would you like some

cheese with that?