After today, will you only be 24 hours older?

Will you be able to look back
on what you do today
five years from now
and know in your heart
that it was worthy of you?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Plan to be worthy.

Make your pen a planning pen.

There is something almost “magical”
about a pen and paper
when you are writing your future.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Your future is in your pen; write it out.

What is your brand of success?

Success is not money or power;
those are indicators.
Success is how you define it
so you can then seek
and find it as no one else.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Achieve and spread

your brand of success in the world.

We're glad you are here today and invite you to take a few moments and look around. 
You'll find it calm, relaxing and enjoyable. Look at past wisdom bytes from the Cosmos. 
Write down those which especially "speak" to you and read them through your day. 
Read them, adapt them and live them. 
And then, share them (one way to share is to use the share buttons below). 

Your Power is in Changing Yourself

1.  Change yourself.
2.  Change your world.
3.  Make money.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. It’s not 3, 2, 1.

Hey, I’m a Believer now…

Right or wrong, positive or negative
You become what you believe.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Today I am what I believed yesterday
And tomorrow I will be what I believed today.

Jim Collins quotes: "Good is the Enemy of Great".

What could show up in your life
if you said “no” to the “good”?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Say “no” to the “good”

so you can say, “Yes” to the “great”!

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The Past has Answers to Your Future

Learn from your “vast past”;
From the great examples
of those who lived before you,
And follow them
on your path set before you.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Learn, follow; lead.