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Get Whatever you Want in LIfe; in Just 10 Days...

Take the 10 Day Cosmos Challenge!

For just 10 days, visit Answers from the Cosmos and get your “Daily Dose of the Cosmos”. 

What is "Answers from the Cosmos"? 

It’s a part wisdom and inspiration mixed with motivation to get you thinking and/or
moving in YOUR direction!

Here’s the Challenge:

1.       Visit Answers from the Cosmos daily for 10 days.
      (If you are reading this, you are at the site; "Ethical Bribe" below!)

2.       Read, take notes, use it in your daily activities.

3.       Sometime during the 10 days or shortly after, visit Amazon
      and write a review as to what you think about the site, 
      how you used it and how you were benefited.

4.       That’s it. 
      Then if you’d like to continue, do so, or feel free to subscribe at Amazon 
      (first 14 days are free and it’s only 99 cents a month!!!

ETHICAL BRIBE: 5 participant’s names will be drawn randomly to receive a 30-minute phone session with Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach™. All participants will receive up to two email communications to answer their most pressing Life & Legacy concern (upon request). 

What are others saying about The Cosmos?

This is the place for a daily dose of inspiration
with a mild push to get you to be your best. 
I highly recommend.

Thanks Shelia!

What are some of the benefits of visiting for 10 days? First, when you commit and do anything for any length of time, it becomes a habit, and creates better discipline; in all areas of your life! Plus, in your daily visits with the Cosmos, you'll receive insight and wisdom which most often addresses a specific need or situation you are currently working in and getting through!

Also, you are welcome to leave your comments after each daily wisdom byte.
(The Cosmos may even reply!)

I hope you'll join others from around the world, who visit here every day for one source of daily discernment; at least for our 10-day challenge. Whether you feel compelled to leave a review at Amazon or not, or continue as a wisdom seeker or not, I know that you will never be the same!

Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach™

PS. Don’t forget my “Ethical Bribe” that I mentioned above! 

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