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How will you share peace?

You are peace;
And so it is.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Seek inner peace
and you create outer peace
despite any chaos.

Love conquers Fear

You always have a choice
between love and fear.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Choose to focus
on which you want more of.

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Motivation Happens. Ter Scott, Life and Legacy Coach

Don’t wait to be motivated.
Take action and motivation happens.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Activate, then motivate.

3 Step Formula for an Easier Journey


Pray again. 

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Your pathway 
is made smooth. 

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Have a nice day.

Make the world a better place
Because you “showed up” today.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Get up, show up
be “up” all day.

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Live a long abundant life.

Affirm life;
not death.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You truly can become better
every day in every way.

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This is why your aren't manifesting...

Ask and then accept;
it is done.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Your wish is waiting.

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Two definitions of the word, "yield".

Don’t yield to fear;
Yield results.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. It’s OK to slow down
and even stop sometimes;
but never quit!

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Where is Wisdom?

You do not need to seek wisdom.
Recognize it and accept it.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Wisdom is all around you.

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The missing word(s) for improving human relations.

One of many “secrets” to good human relations
(chose same word for both blanks):

Don’t _____________ others, at first.
_____________ yourself first.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. It always starts with you.

Seeking Opportunity?

Opportunity is
always knocking;
open your ears.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Most people hear
but few listen.

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You create your life anew each second...

Explore new doors.
You are safe;
it is only change.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Learn new things
you are forced to learn them.

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Exercise your life.

You create
your own world.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. No one else can
do your pushups.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to fit in;
You already have a place.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Don’t try, be.

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What would you do, be and have if you were "limitless"?

Work to make
Your full potential
Your reality.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Don’t settle.

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How to feel loved.

You are loved; OK already?
Not get on with your life.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Love yourself, love others, period

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Let your love flow; to all.

Have you prayed
for someone
you dislike lately?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. See the good in others
and others will be
the good you see.

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Want great health?

Bless and honor
what you place inside your body
and your body will
bless and honor you with great health.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Do you “pray” and
offer gratitude for all
that was done
to bring you sustenance?

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Give more and you’ll never be poor

You never become rich
with things given to you.
You become rich when
you takes steps to give.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Give, give, give;
all you need is “give”.

Give the gift of Cosmos thoughts.

Say what you do and do what you say.

You think and say
What you want in life.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Talk your walk.

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Make it a healthy day

Claim great health today
And enjoy a healthy sunset.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. What a difference a day can make.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T yourself!

One of the most
sincere forms of respect
is listening
to your heart.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Respect yourself
so you can respect others.

Would you like "value" with that?

Add value to everything
Every day
So when you leave
It’s a better place.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Always ask,
what can I add?

Choose friends wisely; they become family.

Friends are those
We choose for family.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. “It’s family”.

Be a part of the family;

Be Pro-active in learning life's lessons.

:Either, invest in education,
Or education will demand payment.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You pay for life’s lessons
one way or the other.

You will pay for education one way or the other.

You either know
What you are doing.
Or you don’t.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You’ve gone to school,
Now get educated.

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Say what you want.

What you shout out
comes back to you. 

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Life is an echo. 

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Don't take yourself serious. 
Take what you do serious. 

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You may never pass this way again. 

Play the game of life to win, here's how.

Want to be better?
Play with better players.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Get in the game!

Today is your day, live it!

When you are
Living life to its fullest
Every day is a holiday.
A.K. Cosmos

PS. Live today.

Do something today which will make your life matter

Having more of a concern
for the well-being of another
is the definition of
whether your life matters.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Life matters.