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"... as long as you are doing your best"

Know what is good,
better and best.
Do what is best.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Do what’s best

to be and have the best.

Your Color Communication Choices for Today: 

Without too much thought click on one of the options, 
read about it and use the color throughout your day. Have fun! 

Look, look closer and then look closely.

What you first see
is not always what
you see first!

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Open your eyes, 
and “see”.

Today’s Color Communication Choices are:

If you would like to participate,
choose one of the options above
and that is your color

which you should work with today. 

When are trees not green?

Here we are at Countdown to Color Day 1 which means tomorrow you’ll not only see the usual words of wisdom by the Cosmos, but you’ll also be able to participate in the daily color communication too. This will be a work in progress (mostly on my part on the back end; out of sight) as I “build” this up over time. So be sure to come back tomorrow and try it out!

A few days ago I asked readers if “grass was green”. If you said “yes” you are right and if you said “no” you are also right; however, you need the correct “why” to back up your answer. I share a few reasons why trees are green and not green without getting too involved in the psychology and other traits of color but just give you something to think about.

Color is a product of light; you need light to see color. So when the lights are out or it’s dark outside; during the night, trees are not green. Shine a flash(light) on them and voila, they are green!

Trees change the color of their leaves in the fall; they are not green then.

When a printer creates colors such as the color green, he or she adds colors to create green, so in a sense, it isn’t really green; it is all the other colors. The same is true when for instance creating colored light as in stage lighting we are adding colors (in a different process) to create green and again, it’s all these other colors.

Trees are green because they’ve always been “green” and we always “think” of them as being green.

There are more ways to think of how green can be green or not, whether applied to trees or your favorite ugly Christmas sweater. I just wanted you to be aware that when you do your daily color communication that you could spend a little time with your “color of the day” and know that what you first see is not always what you see first!

Until we start our color journey tomorrow,

Make it a great day!


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What color are your trees?

Are trees green?
Yes, or no;
Believing makes it so.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You can color your trees

any way that you want.

There is "Power" in a Colored Pencil

It’s Countdown to Color Day 2 and I told you I would answer your question as to “Are trees green”.

However, I want to give you one more day on this so you can give me your answer first. Don’t make it complicated; simply write down your answer and compare it with mine when we meet tomorrow. Yep, I’m going to make you wait because I don’t think enough of the readers are playing along. So, you have one more day to write your answer (and leave it in the comments if you’d like).

Today I want to tell you what “tools” you would want to have to be prepared to get the most from the added Color Communication. Purchase a notebook that you can title: My Color Journal and a nice set of colored pencils. Try not to get the real cheap kind, which tend to break easily and get as many color variations as you can so you can match the daily color.

You know that there is energy in everything but I want you to know that there is also “power” in the pen or pencil which you use; you put the power in it and it creates powerful things. You’ve heard it said that the pen is mightier than the sword and this is definitely true.

I think it was Jack Canfield who told me about either he or another Law of Attraction person would have someone hold a music disc of, well we’ll just say “questionable” music; not the “good energy”, in his hand and extend his are all the way out from his side. Then Jack would ask him to resist as hard as he could and Jack could push his arm down quite easily. Doing the same with a music disc of classical music, Jack had a much harder time pushing the arm down. There is the same power in your pen or pencil when you do good things with it.

When you get your color for the day, find that particular colored pencil (or as close as you can to that color) and write something positive in your journal; perhaps the Daily Dose of the Cosmos. You’ll soon realize the “power of the pencil” after doing this for several days.

So now you know what to do when we start communicating with color. You have a day or so to get your supplies; notebook and colored pencil. Tomorrow, on Countdown to Color Day 1 I will indeed answer the question, “Are trees green”.

Until then,

Make it a great day!


We're Waiting...

The world is the question;
You are the answer.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Make your answer known.

Are Trees Green?

Countdown to Color Day 3

Every day when I visit with you, my reader, I grow more excited as we get closer to “adding color” to the Cosmos!

With yesterday’s Day 4 Countdown I got to thinking about what I was saying about “Do you see color or really "see" the color?” Color is so connected to everything we do and see that we need to become more connected to color. As I mentioned before, usually when we look at a painting we see the painting as a “whole” and color is part of what we enjoy about the picture but it isn’t always the first and foremost thing in our thoughts. From here out I want you to enjoy color so much more and to use it in your daily thoughts, activities and decisions.

Yes, even with your decisions. You may have heard “the Universe loves speed” and you need to act on “hunches”. So for instance, you find that your color for the day is green. During your day you are involved in a sales transaction and the other person is wearing green; this could be an added confirmation to go ahead and make the purchase. Or someone asks you to do something “green”; to go to an area which is “green”, known for being green, etc. When this happens you’ll definitely know what I’m trying to say here. (And I hope you’ll share your story in our comments section).

Since I’m on this subject, I think I’ll take a few moments to present a few things you may not know about color which I hope will interest you.  I’m thinking as we move forward with the Color Communication I may expound on color (but only on the sister site of Attainment Rules because we’ll only have the usual wisdom byte and color communication on the Daily Dose of the Cosmos).

Are trees green?

That’s a question I posed to my students on their test about color. What is your answer?

Really think about this and write your answer down somewhere so you can compare with mine when I will reveal the “answer” when we get together next. Please actually do this; write down your answer and don’t worry about being right or wrong. And I invite you to place your answer in the comments section below as other readers would love to see what you think as well.

OH, and don't forget to write a short "why" you gave your answer as you did. 

As always,

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!

Life & Legacy Coach™

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Walk into the World, and Change

You are the solution
to any situation.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. There are no situations
that cannot be changed

by your solutions.

Do you see color or really "see" the color?

Cosmos’ Countdown to Color Day 4

In an earlier article, I explained how I came to getting the job to teach Design Fundamentals after having the interview to teach both that class and also “Color”.  For some reason they thought someone else had better credentials to teach the color class but as I also said, since color is a design fundamental I still taught it within my class.

When most of us think of color we most likely think of it as the paint used to “paint” pictures. When we look at the painting or picture most of us probably don’t even “see” the color. Sure we see the color but it is part of everything so we do not single it out necessarily unless the artist purposely created a piece in which “color” was the “star” of the canvas. Similarly we see manufactured things of color and unless we were involved in the creation of the car, home, or any of the countless products on store shelves we usually don’t pay much attention to the color; but believe me, the people behind designing the products and its wrappings understand color psychology and use it to get you to buy!

So color is all around us but I will emphasize here that color was here before painting and before commercialism. It is in nature and it is in you. Each color is energy and you are energy. In future visits with the Cosmos and with our daily Color Communication we hope you’ll look at color in a whole different way. You learn what colors “work” with you to give you more vitality, health, power and more. You’ll “receive” a color each day (along with the usual wisdom byte; which usually won’t have anything to do with the color but who knows?) and you can use the color in various ways throughout your day. Then, of course, we hope you’ll leave a comment on how you used it and the results you had.

I’m excited! Tell your friends by using the social media buttons below!

As always,
Make it a great day!


Live What's Possible

When you hear
that “Anything is possible”,
Know that
“Everything is possible”.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Do you hear what I hear?

How to Live Each Day Using Color, coming soon!

Countdown to Color Day 5

First dear reader I want to tell you that this blog is now available on Amazon as you can see by the “ad” in the upper right of this page. We do not have ads on this site except for “mentions” such as this and those which speak of my personal offers and events. The Amazon option (99 cents monthly; first 14 days free) is available for our readers who want to get the Daily Dose of the Cosmos without using the “Follow by Email” option (which is free). The “Follow by Email” option is an RSS feed which goes right to you and your email and we don’t have access to it; meaning we don’t know your email. As time goes on we will offer a few things and you’ll then sign on using your email and if you are a “Follower by Email” you still need to sign on, but that is later.

For now, let’s talk color!

In just 5 days, when you see the daily wisdom gem, you’ll also be able to take part in a “color communication”. You’ll actually be able to find out what your color is for that day and like these wisdom quotes, you can then build upon this too. Wear that color for the day, go out and buy a flower of that color, talk about that color, use a colored pencil of that color when you write in your color journal!

Each day you visit Answers from the Cosmos you’ll see the daily wisdom and the “color communication” for that day; and that’s it. You can choose to “work” with the wisdom alone, the “color communication” alone or both. It’s up to you and what you “feel” you should do that day. You will know what to do. Always “relax” and do not “push” it, whatever “speaks” to you, do. In my mind, I’m thinking that I will do both. Yes, I invest a lot of time for each day’s presentation to my many readers but I too take part in the exercises!

You have not seen any explanation of the wisdom gems in our daily visits so far. We have purposely left things “open” so you receive a “custom” type of personalized message. This will not change when color is added. Again, you’ll get the wisdom gem but also now you’ll get a color communication. How they speak to you and how you use them for that day, week or the rest of your life is up to you and your interpretation. Having said this, I may however expound on the “thought(s)” at a sister site, Attainment Rules. 

As we continue to count down during days 4 through 1, I will share more on how to use and get the most from the “color communication”.

For now and as always,

Make it a great day!


Active expectation is like active hearing; it requires your attention.

What you have and do is because
of what you “expect” to have and do.
It’s “routine” and you don’t really think about it
because you “expect” it.

So to have and do more,
you need to “actively” expect more.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. What are you planning

to expect today?

How Ter Scott Started in Teaching Color

Alright, so I must be so excited to the point of confusion. Yesterday I wrote that it was Countdown to Color Day 8 but said we had 9 days left? Must be the “new” math? OK; I have no real excuse. But… today is definitely Day 7 of the Countdown to Color!

As mentioned earlier, I wanted to share an interesting story (at least I think it’s interesting) of when I was interviewed to teach at a business university I was telling you about. I’ll keep to what is pertinent here because there was much that went on which indicates that the Law of Attraction was really working for me and confirmed that I was supposed to be there!

Because of my past, and my credentials I was told of a job opening teaching graphic design at this local business university. I’m not sure why right now that it was that I hesitated at first but with a bit of prodding I called and set an appointment and had the interview.

I had been trained in both the fine arts and what they had previously called “commercial” art (which was then being called graphic design and maybe now it’s referred to as digital design and tomorrow it will be called something else), I created intuitively. What I mean is that I put pencil to paper or brush to canvas and art “happened”. I didn’t pay much attention to all of the elements of design; even color as for me, art happens. So, I go on with my story.

So the interviewer stated that they had a position open to teach both Design Fundamentals and Color. Now I hadn’t been “trained” in specifically “Design Fundamentals” but I knew in my heart of hearts that I could do that. And, I also knew that I could teach “color” but secretly I wondered how and what I would teach. Again, for me this was “natural” and “intuitive” and I didn’t really know how one could corral all of this and create a method to teach it. I thought that I would hold up a picture of “yellow” and say that “this is yellow” and move on with each from there!

It turned out that I was hired to teach the Design Fundamentals and not the Color class. (Maybe the interviewer and the Universe knew my inner thoughts?) However, since color is a design element, I still taught a bit about it. (I still ended up teaching two classes because the Universe was present in a big way which I may share with you elsewhere).

Color really does excite me. Color is literally all around us and in future wisdom gems presented daily by the Cosmos, we will be “adding color” with interactive exercises that you can use that specific day to get specific results in what it is that you in particular are seeking and is seeking you! With our current process the Cosmos inspires me to present and edit a “message” for my thousands of visitors. Each message is “open” enough that each reader can take it and receive an individual message to use that day, that week and for the rest of their life. That will remain the same.

In “adding color”, this will require a bit more time and work on my part but it gives an added way in which the Cosmos will speak to you and me. And again it will be up to you, the reader to take what is presented, along with any added “suggestions” I may offer and run with it!

In our next visit, and those which follow in this countdown, I will reveal more about what you can expect. If you know of others who enjoy and/or can really use more enlightenment and inspiration (with motivation) in their lives, use the social media share buttons below.

Until Countdown to Color Day 6,

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott!

Mr. Cosmos

Would you recognize a blessing if it were starring you in your face?

When you “expect” poverty,
You won’t accept gifts;
Because you won’t recognize them.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. How do you “expect”? 

Countdown to Color, Day 8

I’m very excited to “add color” to the wisdom of the Cosmos every day, starting in just 9 days from now. If you’ve been a follower of the Cosmos you know that I’ve presented Answers from the Cosmos on a daily basis for almost 1000 days! And, you may not know this, but there are readers just like you who visit from all over the world!

Readers take these daily wisdom bytes (bites?) and “chew” on them all day; thinking about them and using them in their lives. And now we will “add color”.

My background as an artist had me teaching in public and private schools and also a business university. I taught “everything art” (and also music). In future writings, I will share how I got hired at the business university and what I “knew” about color then.

Right now I’m training myself to use color in offering counsel to my readers, but also in an interactive way so my readers will actually take part in choosing their color for the day and then will be able to use it in their own way for that day. Just like with the Answers from the Cosmos, some readers don’t visit every day and that’s OK; this is how you can “play” with this too. If you show up one or two days a week; you were meant to show up those one or two days. Be sure to honor that and follow through with what you’ve “learned” or were given on those one or two days. For the regulars who are here every day, the same applies; you are meant to use and follow through with the “lessons” on a daily basis.

I hope you are excited; I know that I am. (And by the number of viewers on Day 10, it looks like this is going to be very popular). I may even incorporate this into my coaching as well.

That’s it for now. Soon I'll share how the process will work; maybe tomorrow? 

I look forward to seeing you on Day 8 of the Countdown to Color.

Ter Scott!

Mr. Cosmos 

Make Your Day

If you want to have an exciting day,
get excited right now.
Choose to have an exciting day
and you will find those exciting moments
which come your way.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You make your day

before and as it happens.

Countdown to Color; Day 10.

You've come to know Answers from the Cosmos as your source for daily wisdom and inspiration. And hopefully you have been one of the many who take each daily dose of the Cosmos and make it more "real" to you by writing it down and meditating and using it through your day. If so, keep doing so. If not, please consider doing so. Nothing is by accident and when you open this page (or email when you are "Following by Email" which is somewhere on the page) you are receiving something that has come to me and presented to you because it is something you are in need of knowing. In one sense it is "general" in nature but with just a bit of additional thought from you, it will be made "exclusive" to you.

In addition to daily wisdom bytes from the Cosmos, I will share an interactive color exercise each day which will further enhance, and individualize the day's message just for you.

This will be incredible! Stay tuned for more details. I'll share more on Day 9.

In the meantime, consider following by email or bookmark this page.

Ter Scott
A.K. Cosmos

Do this before every sales call, interaction between you and another, and before you set out for the day:

See all you can.
Visualize all you can.
And walk confidently in faith,
into your positive future.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Expect great things

to realize great things.

What is Your Intention?

Always determine and
use intention in all you do.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Intention makes it so.

I am, you are; we are.

I am: _____________ .
I am: _____________ .
I am: _____________ .

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Write each 3 times,
read each 3 times, and

say each 3 times; today.

Think and Grow

When you review
and evaluate your day,
Be sure to also review
and evaluate your thinking.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Thinking makes it so.

After today, will you only be 24 hours older?

Will you be able to look back
on what you do today
five years from now
and know in your heart
that it was worthy of you?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Plan to be worthy.

Make your pen a planning pen.

There is something almost “magical”
about a pen and paper
when you are writing your future.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Your future is in your pen; write it out.

What is your brand of success?

Success is not money or power;
those are indicators.
Success is how you define it
so you can then seek
and find it as no one else.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Achieve and spread

your brand of success in the world.

We're glad you are here today and invite you to take a few moments and look around. 
You'll find it calm, relaxing and enjoyable. Look at past wisdom bytes from the Cosmos. 
Write down those which especially "speak" to you and read them through your day. 
Read them, adapt them and live them. 
And then, share them (one way to share is to use the share buttons below). 

Your Power is in Changing Yourself

1.  Change yourself.
2.  Change your world.
3.  Make money.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. It’s not 3, 2, 1.

Hey, I’m a Believer now…

Right or wrong, positive or negative
You become what you believe.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Today I am what I believed yesterday
And tomorrow I will be what I believed today.

Jim Collins quotes: "Good is the Enemy of Great".

What could show up in your life
if you said “no” to the “good”?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Say “no” to the “good”

so you can say, “Yes” to the “great”!

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The Past has Answers to Your Future

Learn from your “vast past”;
From the great examples
of those who lived before you,
And follow them
on your path set before you.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Learn, follow; lead.

Don't blame; claim, your fortune and fame.

Proclaim; pro-claim.
Choose what is “pro” (good) and claim it.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Be a part of the “name it, claim it”

crowd and be proud!

What is “Good”?

Act as if,

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Do this for others and self.

To be at the right place at the right time, create it!

To get what you want
you need to be in the right place
at the right time.

So create the right place
and prepare yourself so you’ll be ready
when the time comes.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Prepare yourself for that moment

to be able to recognize it and then act.

Don’t see things as they are but how they can be

See beyond the future;
not just the next step, but several steps out.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. One sees an acorn and sees an acorn;
another sees a tree

and yet another sees a forest.

How to make your destiny your reality

Don’t start
until you are finished.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Visualize

with the end in mind.

Do you want money, or what you can do with money?

When you seek that of which it is
that you want to do with money when you get it,
money will naturally come to you in the process.
Seek and find health, comfort, happiness and
security for self and others and
you’ll see that money follows.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. In my M8/4 money; we build
on the other 7 of the Major 8

to attract equivalents of money. 

When using the Law of Attraction, be Attractive

The law of attraction
works better and faster
After you become
more attractive.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Being attractive is not skin deep. 

Are you "Thank You Poor"?

You’ll always have more
of what you are thankful for,
but you’ll be “less”
if you are “Thank You Poor”.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Be grateful for all things.