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Hello Readers!

From time to time you may want to communicate directly with the authors (The Cosmos and Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach) other than with leaving a public comment. (Know however that when you place a comment you can request not to have it published as all comments are monitored before publishing anyway).

Further, we may also offer special things (never from advertisers; so you can feel free to "Follow by Email" and get these daily doses of wisdom in your email without ads) or announcements to our readers which they can participate.

So we've set up this page for you to request the offer, or to inquire or comment on something.

Just complete this form. It isn't intrusive at all. We'll just need your name, email and what it is that you are inquiring about.

For example, if you want the Monthly Collections of Cosmos at the end of each month, simply give provide your name, email and state in the comments box: Please send me the Monthly Collection of the Cosmos.

That's it. Also you can feel confident that you email and personal data always stays with us and you of course can email us back and say, "stop these emails immediately, I can't take all this wisdom"; or something like that and we will stop pronto!!! If you don't know what "pronto" means please click here.

Return to this page any time you want to ask us something or will send you here when we have something special for you!

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