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You've asked for it, now it is here; 30 Days of The Cosmos. This will be an ongoing monthly collection of the previous 30 days (28 or 31 when applicable) of The Daily Dose of the Cosmos and delivered to you as a complete set. 

Like these Daily Dose of the Cosmos Wisdom Bytes? Get the past, full 30 days (or 28 or 31; depending on number of days in the month) of Wisdom Bytes at the end of each month. It is absolutely free to you. You may receive a couple of ad links and most definitely you’ll get a link from Ter Scott but other than that you’ll get the raw wisdom of those 30 days. If you want the materials in which these separate wisdom bytes are expounded, you’ll need to obtain those materials when are published and where they are distributed. That’s it. Your email and personal data always stays with us so you can confidently say, “Give me the last 30 days of Cosmos!” Go ahead, we’ll make more.
The Cosmos and Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach™

What’s the catch? Yes, there is a catch. We do ask you to leave your comments on this page telling us (and our readers) how you enjoyed the monthly collection, how it helped you, etc. OK, there is no "real catch" since leaving comments is entirely optional; but favorable. 

be sure to mention "30 Days with The Cosmos MONTHLY" in the comments box. :) 

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