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What are you doing later today?

When you are doing
your “to do” list
Make sure that is it
your “to do” list.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. When you don’t schedule your life
someone else will schedule it for you.

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You lookin’ at me?

Look less at yourself in a mirror,
And more at your reflection
In the eyes of others.
That’s where you’ll see
What you really “look” like.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Seeing is believing.

Look at the sky and ask why, not you?

The sky is not the limit;
You are limitless.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Be more, do more
and have more.

(It’s OK, I’ll make more).

Be Generous and Prosper.

Give in every way,
And you’ll be rich
In every way.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Give and it will be.

Be the standard; then be better.

There’s never been an
Overabundance of
“Quality” anything.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Be Quality.

Are you working too hard?

Release your dream in faith
as it were a dove
flying toward its attainment.
Then start working walking toward it.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Do not wear yourself out
seeking riches or success;
you don’t have to.

Is this your "final answer"?

Do not react.
Live the difference.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Stop, look, listen; then speak.

Do What's Important

Appreciate what is important.
And it will appreciate;
And it will appreciate you.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. What are you giving your time to?

3 Easy Steps for Success.

List what you do.
List what you are.
Do more of what you are.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Live your bliss.

Want more? Share from these with others.

Choose a life of

and Wisdom.

You’ll deserve it.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You get what you choose;

not what you want.

Desire higher.

When you say, “I want”,
you are saying “I lack”.

When you say, “I have”,
you attract.

When you say,
“I Am”, you are.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. What are you saying?

You can have anything that you “are”.

Electricity is “current”.
Money is “currency”.
Both are energy.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Get energized!

Want something?

Give something.
Receive something.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. The secret of living is giving.

Are you a human “be-ing”?

to move.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. First work on “BE-ing”,
then you can do and have

anything you desire.

Why “want” when you already “have”?

Don’t seek.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. “Your wish is my command”. 

I’m running to the Universe; can I get you something?

I always give
what it is you think and say.
what it is you want;
what it is that you don’t want,
I always deliver.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Is your bag half empty or half full? 

Got questions? They’ve got answers.

Why are you waiting so long
to speak with your parents?
Do you think they’ll be with you
on this side of eternity
For eternity?

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Call home. 

Are you casting pearls?

Do not waste words on those who are deaf to wisdom.
Continually work to become the diamond that you are
And your radiance will attract others who have ears to hear.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Are you listening?

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Speak Always

Speak to every one; and every thing.
Anything that grows needs your encouragement.
Anything that gives needs your gratitude.
A.K. Cosmos

PS. It’s also OK to talk to yourself.

Thank God it’s “Anyday”

 Catch yourself saying “I’ll be, do or have it someday
And when you don’t see Someday on your calendar
Write the goal on your calendar and
work toward its attainment today.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Put the “action” in attraction.

Thinking makes it so...

You are as unique as
a piece of sand moving
in an hour glass.
Oh yes,
look closely
then celebrate your difference.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. It’s not your size but
the size of your thoughts
which matter most.

Be Still and Know...

Sometimes you need to live moment by moment.
It’s not fully revealed how your next breath will be, but
Rest assured that at this moment …all is well.
Rest assured.

A.K. Commos

PS. Let it go-ooo.

Live the same yesterday, today and forever.

Because of all you did 
and how you lived
on the day before today; 
everything says “yes” today!

A.K. Cosmos

PS. You did good kid. 

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