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10 Ways to Magnetize What you Want in Life

Congratulations reader! You are in for a treat. A.K. Cosmos is hosting a series of 10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; anything that you want from the list of the Major 8! Today will be the first of ten. (If you stop by infrequently, you may want to “follow by email” somewhere on this page so you won’t miss any of them).

If you don’t know what the Major 8™ is or need a quick review, then I will share them with you now. These are the eight things that most people seek as the main desires in their lives. Over the years I have modified and shared them; every desire by most people can be found somewhere within these eight.  

The desire for perfect health, enjoyment of food, restful sleep, money, life and legacy, sexual gratification, the well-being of loved ones, and the feeling of importance and respect. 10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8 can be the equivalent of a mini-seminar or workshop series just for you when you visit here every day and work on each as A.K. Cosmos shares a new “assignment” daily! (To learn more about the Major 8 and how to use them to “attain” be sure to check out this blog).

HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM 10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8:

When you get your “daily dose of the Cosmos” I also encourage you to not only read it and run along to do your day but to take some time to contemplate it and even write it down and look at it for several times throughout your day. Sometimes these words may provoke you to create a checklist to track your progress during the day or to create an “assignment” for yourself. You may even want to write them in a notebook and add your own thoughts and inspirational notes to review later. Let this be a real learning adventure for you and this plus the next nine days will be a real life changer for you. Feel free to share this post and others in your social media using the buttons shown below and we would love to see how you adapt each gem of wisdom in your daily life in the comments section.

Ter Scott!
Creator of the Major 8 ™
For a private consultation or information about speaking programs, please contact Ter Scott here.

PS. This adventure will soon be a book published by this author and those who leave comments as to how one particular daily gem of the 10 or how the entire 10 day process was helpful will receive a free book and their “success story” may even be included in the book, so be sure to leave those comments! (And be sure to check back to see how to contact the author if we select your comments for the book).

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