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Create a Beautiful World

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 6 of 10: Create a Beautiful World

Create something which
will beautify the world
and you’ll attract
abundance to yourself.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Everything is beautiful;
in its own way.

Note from Ter Scott:
It is very interesting that this morning before sitting down with the Cosmos to bring this wisdom gem to you that I was singing the Ray Stevens song, Everything is Beautiful” without knowing that the list of 10 things* that I’m adapting these 10 ways had to do with “Beauty”. Nothing my friend is “accidental”.

Today when you are going about your activities, stop to ask yourself, what is beautiful about this? How can I make this more beautiful? What is beautiful about this person and how can what this person, thing or a place have that is beautiful that can be translated to something else to beautify it? Walk down an aisle in a stationary store and pick something up and study it and note the beautiful design on the cover of a notebook and later walk down the aisle in a hardware store and see how you can transfer this beauty to the handles of tools to make them more attractive and less drab and later you see how the same or similar idea can be added to cellphone covers, T-shirts, murals on buildings and more. Or you can do something to encourage others to have and share and promote a “beautiful” spirit in all that they do to make this world a more beautiful place!

*At the end of this material I will share a source where I found a list of 10 Ways to Magnetize Wealth and how I used these 10 and adapt them for my readers to magnetize the Major 8, or 10 Ways to Magnetize Abundance; because when you have the Major 8, you have abundance. 


  1. Loved this post! It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Ter, for making the world a more beautiful place.

  2. Thank you so much Shelia. This is an excerpt from one of my books on Amazon Kindle which was birthed from this blog. I'm glad that you found it "beautiful" and will be inspired to spread more!


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