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Step out in Faith and Find new Wealth and Prosperity

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 7 of 10: Express your Faith

Walking in belief
will get you more
of what you already have.
Stepping out in faith
gets you more of
what there is to get.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Step out and the ledge will be provided.

Note from Ter Scott:

List a few things that you know that you know are “real” for you, things that you “believe” it to be true. These are things that you are sure of and you know that regardless of what you do these facts and things will remain.

When you step out in faith, you can always come back to what you know but what you “know” after stepping out in faith will expand and you’ll be better for the experience in so many ways. Someone who has gone through bankruptcy is no longer afraid because he or she has been there and can then move forward and succeed where another may never succeed because they fear failure and bankruptcy. I was literally “petrified” and didn’t want to donate blood when I was in college; I hated needles, and I hated pain but I loved others more than my inconvenience so I left my dorm and gave blood and guess what; I didn’t really feel any pain. I’ve now donated probably hundreds of times since then and sometimes there is minor discomfort but I stepped out in faith, did my first donation and now I’m stronger for it and there is absolutely no fear.

Think of times when you’ve stepped out in faith in the past and use those experiences to have the courage to step out in faith to achieve greater things in your life! 

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