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It is not selfish to think abundance.

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 5 of 10: "Think Abundance"; for others. 

Find ways to give the world abundance
And you’ll receive abundance.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Find and fill a basic human need
And you’ll find truly find abundance indeed.

Note from Ter Scott:
With tomorrow’s wisdom gem you will be half way through your 10 day adventure. How are things going? Are you seeing results? Are you “looking” for results? Has anything happened which indicates or confirms positive progress? I believe that you will see things on your path to potential when you look for them and as you repeat this 10 day adventure you will become keener to recognizing things. Also, a note about the last gem from the Cosmos; I purposely left you to your own thoughts with the wisdom gem from A.K. Cosmos in day 4 so you could come up with your own “assignment”. How did you do?

Here is today’s assignment. Write down 5 basic human needs along with 5 ways to fulfill each of those 5; you can do more if you’d like. This will arouse your “Abundance Magnetism” because you will be giving something worthwhile to the world. Then before you go to sleep tonight ask your subconscious to give ideas on how to fulfill one or more of these ways that you’ve listed and to have you remember them when you wake. Have a notebook or smartphone by your bed to record your notes as they come to you (before they dissolve into the ethers for someone else to use and become prosperous). 

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