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Do you have the habit of visualizing?

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 8 of 10

Dear reader, congrats! This is the 8th in a series of 10 “wisdom gems” which will soon be published in book form and made available for sale at Amazon and other places. Would you like a free copy? If so, simply go back to any of the previous 7 “wisdom gems” and write in the comments how you’ve used it in your life and any results or comments you can share about it. If we publish your comments in the book, we’ll email you a free book!

to realize.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Project what you want in life
on the screen of your inner mind
and it will soon be
in your outer world.

Note from Ter Scott:

There are a certain amount of things which will come to you seemingly without any effort on your part other than “picturing” things in your mind, seeing them on “vision boards” etc. However, what usually happens is reviewing your “dreams” frequently minimally when you rise and just before you rest, is that you will become keener in seeing the doors which open and the navigation signs which direct you through the maze of obstacles to get you to your desires. Your effort will be to “accept” and simply go with the flow and have “fun” with it. Then when you receive be sure to be grateful and always share. 

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