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Enthusiasm will help your attract what you want faster.

10 Ways to Magnetize Your Major 8; 10 of 10 Enthusiasm

The secret to attracting abundance around you
is to let your enthusiasm surround you.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Inspire others with your enthusiasm
and your world will become more attractive.

Note from Ter Scott:

Maybe I’ve saved the best for the last. This is very powerful: When you are enthused you are inspired; like you are possessed by a god. It is that powerful! Enthusiasm is contagious but it shouldn’t be “faked”. I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t sing “rally songs”, state affirmations out loud with emphasis and listen to the theme from Rocky movies but always live your passion and what you believe in and your enthusiasm will be real. Also be aware that when communicating with others; and your body language alone does a lot of talking, be sure to “mirror” the other person. An over exuberance on your part may come across as being the “salesy” person type so always be a mirror image (on the outside) of the other person and maintain your enthusiasm on the inside. If the person has a quiet demeanor and speaks slowly, “copy” that same temperament and your enthusiasm will still shine through!

Today's "wisdom gem" was the last in a series of 10 which will be published soon as a compilation and made available at Amazon soon. The material contains this and the previous nine published earlier on this site with much more "helps" in acquiring more from each. The title to watch for is: How to Magnetize Abundance (in just 10 Days!) Ten Days and 10 Ways to Magnetize What You Want. 

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