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What Would Cosmos Do?

Have you ever come here and seen that the 
“Daily Dose of the Cosmos” 
seemed to be talking straight to you or t
hat it applied exactly to a situation 
you’ve been dealing with? 

Maybe this is so for you today?

Image result for man and skyThe reason for this is that you were attracted to this site, and to the message. We do not use fancy or highly sophisticated SEO techniques to show up on the Internet; “Angels handle our SEO”.  You were definitely meant to come upon a message if you don’t “Follow by Email” (somewhere on this page) or subscribe monthly via Amazon. Certainly, these messages apply to many of the thousands who visit but they can also at the same time, apply specifically to you. 

I will share in a moment how you can get individual attention from the Cosmos 
to your specific special needs. Please read on.

Hello. I'm Ter Scott, the "co-author" of this site. Every night I sit and come up with this "wisdom gems" and publish them here. The Cosmos is the "All knowing Universe" or some would call the "collective mind" and I am the conduit who hears (experiences) the information and publishes it. If you were to meet me somewhere, you would invariably notice a stack of 3x5 cards or a small notebook in my shirt pocket because I know that the Cosmos may speak to me at any time or during my formal "sit down", usually nightly, conferences. 

When you visit here and see something that “speaks” to you, write it down and ponder on it for a day or more. I, as the “co-author” of this site, do not just throw things up here for people to read; they are truly divinely ordered and are “meant to be”. You or someone else is meant to be edified and blessed and given the motivation to move forward through, around, under or over whatever obstacle you have before you or simply to relax and let outside forces move it for you.

Now about that opportunity for individual revelation, I spoke of. 

If you would like a reply to your specific need or situation, complete the form below. State your situation in the box provided. If your request is granted (I’m sorry but we have many requests and sometimes have to refuse a request) you will be emailed a link for prepayment. Once all is in place, I will take your situation to The Cosmos and after a time I will reply with what was gleaned from this session, via a reply by email. Pricing starts at $150.

Please don’t confuse this with psychic readings, tarot cards, mind reading, ESP, or any of that. I’m not subtracting from those teachings but I am adding here exactly what I do; I will dwell upon your situation in the presence of the Cosmos and report back to you what was revealed.

Because of the nature of this “product”, there are no refunds. If you cannot honor that where you are right now, please feel free to continue getting your wisdom from the messages we provide on this page daily. and published at no cost. I understand that not everyone needs or wants such a service; which is awesome because if everyone did and at the same time, I’d be much too busy and would have to discontinue the service.

So if you feel inclined, complete the form and if not, remember this service in your future.

Best of continued success.

Ter Scott!
Life & Legacy Coach™ 

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