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Ponder Points

As I wrote the title, "Ponder Points" I thought that may also be a great title for material which highlights that from Catherine Ponder, one of my favorite authors and lecturers from the past. Here I want to use it to encourage readers to take these messages, these wisdom gems presented each day and "ponder"; give thought to how they apply to them personally. Perhaps not every day's message resonates with you but many times it will and always know that nothing happens as an accident; there is purpose and reason for all; even finding Answers from the Cosmos and the specific message.

When a daily dose of the Cosmos speaks to you, write it down and look at it throughout your day (or week or until your situation is resolved) and ponder on it. Don't make it laborious but revel in it and become better because of it. You may want to review past "daily doses" and find something which may inspire you which may be appropriate to your current situation and do the same with that; ponder it.

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