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Is this "The End"?

The end is the beginning. 
Ter Scott! Life & Legacy Coach

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This is the last of this “four question adventure” but hopefully for you; not the last time you ask questions, have questions and find the answers! Also if you’ve found all four questions, I salute you! And I also hope you’ve spent time with each. Repeat the process over and over and use these questions for specific situations you find yourself. One thing I’ve learned from my colleague Jack Canfield is to always ask the question: “What is the opportunity?”

In answering questions, I like to dissect the question and have an understanding of the definition of the “word” in question. For instance, with the word “profit” in the previous question, in my situation in which I ask the question, am I thinking to “profit” financially or otherwise? (There I go thinking again).

This is your fourth (and not final) question:

“How can we do this with greater love?”

Where are questions 1, 2 and 3? Click on the sticky note above. 

This “adventure series” of questions has been brought to you by 
Ter Scott!, Life & Legacy Coach™, 
inspired by Jack Canfield from his book: 
The Success Principles. 

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