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Here is one of those infrequent times when we let our readers know about an offer from yours truly; the Cosmos and Ter Scott! As you know we don’t place ads anywhere on this site but we do let you know when we have something special for you.

Very soon we will reach our mark of having over 365 days of the “Daily Dose of the Cosmos” which if you are a regular follower (Follow by email somewhere on this page) you know that we offer daily inspiration with the motivation that provokes thinking and action.

Sometime after we reach 365 days of messages, we will then work on a book which will offer explanation of each by Ter, just prior to each of the Cosmos’ message. This will help you to get even more from the message. Then, each will have a live link which will take you to the actual original published message so you can leave your comments to help and edify others so the gift just keeps on giving!

Would you like to have this book absolutely free before it goes on sale at Amazon?

Just complete the form here and watch when we are over the 365 mark and allow us about 2 months to get the book together and we’ll email you the pdf version to the email address you provide.

IN THE MEANTIME, while you are waiting for us to get the book ready to publish you’ll get your choice of these two books free to read: Let us know which book you want when you request your FREE COPY OF: 365 Days with the Cosmos.

In the comments box, before you click “submit” please tell us your choice of either:

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get The Life You Really Want

or one of our newest:

Unlocking the Power of Your Subconscious

After the book is published this offer will be closed so don’t wait. Go here now.

Complete the form letting us know that you want to get the book 365 Days with the Cosmos before it is on sale at Amazon along with your choice of the two books shown above and you'll be emailed a link for the book and your name will be placed on our waiting list to get the book as soon as it's made available. You'll thank yourself that you did! CLICK HERE to go to the request form. 

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