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Who is A.K. Cosmos?

A.K. (All Knowing) Cosmos is what many would know as "The Universe"; the "The Collective Consciousness" of all the minds past and present. Here, Ter Scott (THE Life & Legacy Coach) teams with A.K. to bring you daily wisdom that is meant to ignite your mind to put fire in your motivation to do great things. 

We do not use fancy marketing tricks or SEO to get 100,000 readers here when you find us it's because of a much bigger "force". When you visit (daily) with expectation, you may be surprised to see just how topical and appropriate the message is to you. Some days you may take a few moments to read the message and move on and other days you'll be inspired to write the message on a card to ponder and act on it throughout your day.

Anyone may use any quote/thought/wisdom gem presented by A.K. Cosmos (or any of Ter Scott's quotes which are sometimes featured) in your articles, blogs or websites as long as you link back to the actual post where it was published. (If you have questions as to how to do this or would like us to send you a link to use, request assistance leaving us your name and email address in the comments section. We monitor all comments before they are published so we'll see it, respond and it won't be seen by others).

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Do well!

Ter Scott!
Life & Legacy Coach

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