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Dear Reader,
I have some important and exciting news for you.

Answers from the Cosmos will soon be celebrating its first year of inspiring and motivating people; giving the “Daily Dose of the Cosmos” via the Internet. It’s because of your interest and feedback that we’ve (The Cosmos and yours truly, Ter Scott, Life and Legacy Coach ™) been able to persist and provide this content. As a long time or new visitor, we would like to thank you in a very tangible way!

When we’ve surpassed 365 days of published “Answers from the Cosmos” we will create an eBook and shortly thereafter publish it as a Kindle Book and in other formats. We want you to have the eBook totally without cost to you. We would love your feedback and even your review when it’s published to Amazon Kindle but you are not obligated to do so in any way. We simply want you to have this and enjoy it!

At this writing, we are at about 343 published posts (but they are not all “Answers”) so we will be publishing this very soon. Those who have requested the eBook version before we reach 365 will receive the eBook emailed to them at no cost.

To request your copy and have it delivered to your email box prior to it being published, complete the form below. We don’t spam and your email will stay with us. You may from time to time get notifications from us about related offers from us but if you’ve been a reader/visitor for any length of time, you know that this site is “ad free”. (This is probably a good time to remind you that when you “Follow by Email” you’ll get the “Daily Dose of the Cosmos” in your email box for daily inspiration and motivation without ads).

When you complete the form, you’ll get an email reply and your name will be added to the waiting list and you’ll be one of the very first to get the new 365 Days of the Cosmos!
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The Cosmos

Ter Scott, Life and Legacy Coach ™ 

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