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Top 10 Cosmos Gems of Wisdom that Anyone Can Use

I am always excited and feel that this is a great privilege to present the Daily Dose of the Cosmos to my readers. Over time our readership has increased dramatically so “something is working”!

Today I thought I would share with you the 10 most read “posts” to date with you. We encourage you to read them, write them down, ponder them; whatever you can do to incorporate the wisdom from each into your own life and activities so you’ll realize and materialize the benefit. Come to each with an intention of receiving and you’ll receive what is “meant” for you personally. When I present these to our readers dialy, each are purposely “vague” to the uninitiated so that readers will ask “What’s up with that?” and then more importantly to figure out “What’s up with that”; for them personally.

So here are the 10 most popular posts from Answers from the Cosmos for your edification. If you feel so inclined, if one or several of these 10 especially speak to you, leave a comment in our blog after that specific post.

(Life always has a “Bonus” and a “Do over” when you are looking for it! 
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