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Everyday more and more people visit Answers from the Cosmos and we (A.K. Cosmos and Ter Scott; Life & Legacy Coach) want to take this moment to say "Thanks". Certainly you could do something else with you moment taken out of your day other than to read this inspiration and the time you spend pondering the meaning and self application of each wisdom gem.

We're not sure of the why and how of this site's popularity; well actually we do, it's that the angels are our SEO team because we do not use anything fancy or scientific to get new people here except...

by those readers, like you we hope, who will use the social media buttons below to share a post once in awhile when it has meaning to you. When you do share a post which has particular meaning to you we hope you'll say something positive when you spread the "wisdom" by using: #dailydoseofthecosmos and #answersfromthecosmos.

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And one last thing before I let you go, your comments are welcomed below and after each post. We may even reply or comment on your comment and may even use it when we publish a book on the Wisdom of the Cosmos.

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott! Life & Legacy Coach

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