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How to Magnetize Abundance; plus Free Learning Helps, Here.

The book is now published! 

is now for sale at Amazon for only $9.97; 
that’s less than a dollar a day! 

You’ll actually start seeing results within days when you apply the wisdom presented by The Cosmos and yours truly. How much abundance do you want? And how much would you pay for “abundance” if you could actually “buy” abundance? Well, the Beatles said you can buy love and I will tell you that you can’t buy abundance. But, you can learn to acquire it and this book is a 10 Day workbook which doesn’t necessarily walk you step by step but provokes you to take the time to think and ponder ways which are exclusive to you and your situation to create a foundation for abundance and continue to build from there.

Regardless whether you purchase the book...

I still want you to have a few things which will help you in your “Abundance Adventure”. To kick off the good news of the “birth” of “How to Magnetize Abundance” I’m giving away these other things (at no cost) to you:

Magnetize Abundance SAMPLER (This is an abbreviated sampling of the actual book. I hope you’ll read it and then visit Amazon to leave a great book review rating; and of course, purchase the entire book if you liked what you read in the Sampler!)


(This is what helped to inspire me to publish ten related posts in Answers from the Cosmos and to write “How to Magnetize Abundance”).
MAGNETIZE ABUNDANCE Affirmations (They are in the book, but this is a poster you can read and use daily).
And a complete eBook: How to Use the Law of Attraction

All of the above is available to you at no cost at my webpage at no cost and doesn’t require your name or email. You can choose one or all! This is my way to thank my readers; enjoy. CLICK HERE.

To purchase “How to Magnetize Abundance”, CLICK HERE.
To get all of my celebration gifts, CLICK HERE.

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott!

Life & Legacy Coach ™

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