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Money, come to me.

Rich or poor,
It’s better to have money.

A.K. Cosmos

PS. Is your “name” rich, poor or money?

Dear reader. Please don’t take these “words of wisdom” at “face value”; write them on a card and read them throughout your day and ponder on them.

Ask yourself, “what does this really mean”? Do you agree with this or does this contradict something you’ve always believed? Today’s wisdom gem seems “comic” at first glance, not logical or nonsensical; but is it really? Think about the wisdom words without the PS; because it is meant to stand alone. Later include the PS in your thoughts as it may lead your thinking differently. Today’s PS could stand alone as a wisdom phrase because it too has deep cause for thought and understanding.

Give yourself some time with today’s thought and then leave your comments below. 

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